Laundry Protector 1041 Litre Tote

Safe by Design

Our water-based, antimicrobial Laundry Protector becomes part of the fibres providing deep, complete, and long-lasting protection for your machine washable belongings against odour, stains, discoloration and deterioration caused by bacteria, mold and mildew.

With the power of the Goldshield formula, this wash-to-wash protection is unparalleled.

· Wash to Wash Protection

· Fragrance-free

· Fights Stains & Odours

· Any machine/Any Water

· Prolongs Fabric Life

· Prevents Cross-contamination

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Formulated over 15 years, our research and development team collaborated with some of the most notable scientists and Universities in the antimicrobial space to solve the problem of musty smells on textile and fabrics.

By eliminating the microbes that cause bad odour, illness causing bacteria and cross-contamination, Goldshield Laundry Protector provides a unique long- term solution for everyday hygiene routines with endless industrial applications.

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