FFP3 Antiviral Medical Mask – G036S


• FFP3 Highest grade face mask treated with
Goldshield active antiviral technology to provide
continuous daily shift protection
• Particle filtering half mask
• Adjustable head harness
• Hospital grade mask CE-PC-210208-054-01-9A
• Qualitative & quantitative face-fit tested
• Flat-fold, lightweight, un-valved and designed to fit a
variety of face sizes for a safe, secure and comfortable fit
• Embossed top panel and internal moldable foam to
reduce fogging of eye-wear
• Low breathing resistance and sculpted internal
metal nose clip
• Highest filtration of hazardous airborne particles and
used as a precaution against respiratory infections.
• Latex and fiberglass free
• Individually wrapped and sealed.

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GOLDSHIELD FFP3 Antiviral Medical Mask is a foldable, 3-panel design respirator with a sculpted nose clip that conforms to a variety of face shapes.
This disposable respirator is treated with Goldshield antiviral technology to provide the wearer with 72 hours residual protection against hazardous airborne contaminates including SARS-Cov-2.
The 3-panel design allows for greater facial movement and the sculpted nose panel easily conforms to face contours to create an effective seal.
The soft nose foam and smooth inner cover is designed to be gentle to skin, the elastic head harness ensures a secure feel and works well with eyewear allowing the wearer to work in safety and comfort by filtering hazardous airborne particles.

Industry Sectors

• Medical and pharmaceutical
• Laboratory maintenance
• Building and construction
• Chemical industries foundry
• General industry
• Automotive and part manufacturer
• Glass industries
• Iron and steel industry
• Metal steel mining and quarrying
• Offshore petro-chemical
• Wood industries